Fishermen in Barbuda after hurricane Irma

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“Irma destroyed my boat, my home and my restaurant, all at the same time,” said 45 years old Arthur Walter, one of 32 fishermen on the island of Barbuda who have received cash assistance from the Red Cross for restoring their fishing boats.

Early September 2017, as hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean, most homes on Barbuda were either badly damaged or completely shattered. Most businesses and infrastructure were also destroyed, including the fisheries, which are the economic foundation of this small community comprised of about 450 households.

Immediately after the disaster the IFRC launched an emergency operation to assist the National Society in providing emergency relief to the population of Barbuda after their evacuation to Antigua. In the recovery phase, one of the focus of the operation has been assisting fishermen in rebuilding their livelihoods…

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