Fishes of Antigua

King Mackerel

Often shortened to simply King Fish the King Mackerel is on the deep sea fishermans radar but won’t normally be a very big fish if they get one typically from 5lb to 30 lb though bigger is possible up to 90lb. Tips on fishing for King Fish can be found in this useful article and […]


Unmistakeable hanging out on the reef almost like princes surveying their playground a school of Barracudas is often to be found. They can get to really good sizes and seem to relax the older bigger they get. No bad thing as the smaller jacks have a lot of nerve and are aggressive. Lets have a […]

Atlantic Blue Marlin

More commonly known as Blue Marlin or simply Marlin this is a most prized fish for the game fisherman. There are few fish that reach it’s appeal for it is a magnificent animal indeed. Of course found in the Atlantic but also in Caribbean waters including of course Antigua. It is a global species being […]
Caribbean Tarpon


The Atlantic Tarpon can be found inshore and off the coast of Antigua not going into the deeper water.¬†They are somewhat targeted as they make an excellent fighting fish and fly techniques suit their surface behaviours. Many Tarpon can be found lazing around the dock edges waiting for the fishermen to throw them a bite […]
Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi

Known by a few names depending on where in the world you are; Dorado, or Dolphin fish the latter I dislike as it just leads to confusion in the non sea fishing world. They don’t have an extraordinary lifespan 5 years being uncommon more typical 4 years so they don’t get too big. No this […]


The Bonefish is often targeted by fly fishermen but it is also caught with spinners or bait. They are a shoaling species and fly fisherman track one that is on the outer edge of the shoal – casting the fly and stripping to the outer edge attempts to not spook the pack. Skiffs are useful […]


I think a tiny permit the size of your hand was the first fish I ever caught in Antigua. It was in Dickenson Bay shore fishing with an awful rod and reel scrounged from my Jolly Harbour condo garage. The reel fell in 2 bits in the end in jolly harbour where the boats come […]


Family or other names : Belonidae,Long Tom Public Domain, For a long time I confused or was calling this fish a gar. That is a different freshwater fish, needlefish are salt water fishes inhabiting mostly shallows and you see them easily near the surface of tropical marinas for example. Image credits Mickey Charteris Credit […]