Atlantic Blue Marlin

More commonly known as Blue Marlin or simply Marlin this is a most prized fish for the game fisherman. There are few fish that reach it’s appeal for it is a magnificent animal indeed. Of course found in the Atlantic but also in Caribbean waters including of course Antigua. It is a global species being pelagic in nature. It is classed as vulnerable so efforts to catch and release must be preserved.

The bill of the blue marlin is used to control the fish boat side after a good fight. It takes a lot of good tackle to land one of these from the boat to the hook.

marlin after fight
credit – elaine moore
Something you probably didn’t know is that it is on the national coat of arms for the Bahamas as it is their national fish !

Fishing for Blue Marlin in Antigua

The season for blue marlin in Antigua is from May to October. Trolling with an experienced crew is your only realistic option if you are reading this.

The females get bigger than the males and can get beyond 800 Kg. They have sunk fishing boats before – Marlin sinks boat.

Here is a video of a guy landing a big blue marlin in Antigua


Featured image By NOAA – Gardieff S. (2003). Atlantic Blue Marlin. Florida Museum of Natural History., Public Domain,