Unmistakeable hanging out on the reef almost like princes surveying their playground a school of Barracudas is often to be found. They can get to really good sizes and seem to relax the older bigger they get. No bad thing as the smaller jacks have a lot of nerve and are aggressive.

Lets have a look at a barracuda albeit a baby in this video – wait until the tarpon plays through..

If I go open water swimming as often as not I can turn around to find a smaller Barracuda following me !

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They are a popular target species for sport or game fishing in Antigua and throughout the tropical waters of the world in fact as they are found almost everywhere. I have heard of a story that to test a steak of Barracuda you must give some to the ants and let them decide if it has potentially harmful Ciguautera. It can still be found often on the menu throughout the Caribbean and it perhaps has an unfair tag in this way.

The Barracuda has stripes often running from top to bottom sometimes as triangles. Spots are also common. Depending on the species and there are almost 30 (28) species they can range in the accent from blues grey and green tints but overall a silvery looking missile of a fish. Created for short bursts of speed they feed on fish sometimes even larger than themselves by tearing and biting them eventually in half. They will take opportunistic smaller prey from the reef as well.

Here is a video detailing more on the Barracuda: