Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi

Known by a few names depending on where in the world you are; Dorado, or Dolphin fish the latter I dislike as it just leads to confusion in the non sea fishing world. They don’t have an extraordinary lifespan 5 years being uncommon more typical 4 years so they don’t get too big. No this is a catch for the beauty of the ray finned creature. A 30lb fish is considered a real specimen. They hunt only on the surface and will be usually caught trolling.

This looks like a female as they have rounder heads the males have a big pronounced forehead.

Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi showing natural colours. Photo by Manoel Lemos

Fishing for Mahi Mahi

The season for fishing mahi mahi is May to December trolling along weed lines of sargassum can be an effective technique. They can also be taken with a fly though this method is less common you might troll with balyhoo as an alternative. Your local Antiguan Charter will set you right on the best techniques here.

They love to feed on flying fish, mackerel but will also eat crabs squid and smaller crustaceans and zooplankton if forced. They grow fast and are not considered under threat specifically.

Frigate birds will sometimes indicate the presence of such fish – they like to hang round seaweed or debris in the ocean offshore looking for surface feeding opportunities.

The BBC has cut an amazing piece of footage of Mahi Mahi along with frigate birds hunting flying fish. The flying fish are between the devil and the deep blue sea. Don’t miss this !
Mahi Mahi are found in many restaurants in Antigua and touristic areas where there is sport fishing. It is a great tasting fish if you have never tried it.

Male of the species with it’s prominent head.

mahi mahi costa rica
This one a Costa Rican visitor !