permit and fisherman

I think a tiny permit the size of your hand was the first fish I ever caught in Antigua. It was in Dickenson Bay shore fishing with an awful rod and reel scrounged from my Jolly Harbour condo garage. The reel fell in 2 bits in the end in jolly harbour where the boats come in and Tarpon cruise (why I was there). I didn’t fancy going in the water for its quality and the tarpon. Chicken that I was I am alive to write about that experience. Now back to my tiny Permit ! Interesting this catch was because of how hard Permit are to catch – as I had awful tackle line and lure. A plastic rubbery thing not big and had a popper float causing the interest to any fish. I caught this size and type of fish again but that was about it for a week or so of fishing.
It seems Permit of decent size are hard to spot and sometimes the only way to see them is their dorsal fins coming out of the water and their shadows on the sea bed. If you do they are wily indeed. So catching a permit is an honour indeed.

Catching Permit in Antigua

Some catch permit from wrecks deeper than their habitat suggests. In fact they may only head for the shallows to feed. In the shallows Permit are very easily spooked with fantastic senses try to limit your contact – smell in the water noise and sight. Cast to one side on a plug or fly – often a great cast is ignored. Maybe freeline a crab ! Let us know. Read this guide for more ideas on catching Permit.

Permit Habitation

Liking shallow tropical water they can be found alone or in schools. They in fact spawn offshore but live as young among surf and water movement to enliven their prey – invertebrates. Crabs small fish and shrimps form their food normally as they get bigger.

Make sure you keep a distance if you are wading near to a school as they can be somewhat aggressive and have a decent mouth to give  bite if not take you down (this is all online chatter however).