Caribbean Tarpon

The Atlantic Tarpon can be found inshore and off the coast of Antigua not going into the deeper water. They are somewhat targeted as they make an excellent fighting fish and fly techniques suit their surface behaviours. Many Tarpon can be found lazing around the dock edges waiting for the fishermen to throw them a bite good luck throwing a lure they are well fed and might tease you. In this video we see just that..

Image courtesy of Dan Davala and Orvis
Image courtesy of Dan Davala and Orvis

I have a particular fondness for the tarpon as it looks prehistoric with big classical silver scales and a big head the lower jaw extends farther forward suggesting it can take surface food at a shallow angle.

If you are interested in targeting this fish in Antigua visit our Antigua Fishing Charters page.

Tarpon Free Swimming at Night Video

(skip to 12:46 approx)
On a night dive in Bonaire you see the tarpon cruising around. I found this most interesting as I have never seen them free swimming from this perspective and especially at night.

Did you know ?

The Tarpon is required to occasionally visit the surface to breathe ! Depending on the amount of dissolved o2 (oxygen) in the water the frequency of this is changed. 

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Setup for Tarpon fishing – A work in progress looking at the tackle needed to start fly fishing for Tarpon.

Antigua Nick pioneering a technique of float tubing and fly fishing for Tarpon in Antigua (scroll down for Tarpon).

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation have a lot of interesting facts about Tarpon on this page. I knew it just looking at a tarpon the size of the eye and scales suggested they are prehistoric. I love their style.

Orvis a fly fishing organisation have a good article here.

Featured article credit – By Albert kokOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0