Fishing from shore in Antigua as hard as ever

The water levels have rescinded a bit since last November but the salt ponds were no easier to fish and this time I didnt have as much time to fish them. The lake close to Putters Bar called Mc Kinnon’s Pond in the notheast looks like it might be worth a cast or 10 minutes though I didn’t get the chance. One hero (guys that really helped me get started) suggest that 10 minutes generally proves the spot. I will try this place next time hopefully.

Mc Kinnon’s Pond Antigua

New Antigua Fishing Charter

Serving Sandals Resort and Halcyon Cove and many other fine places to stay in the Dickenson Bay area.

At least it looks like I found a new charter to add to the list – Tony has his own boat and it looks pretty decent. It costs from 650 USD (5 hours including drinks) to charter depending on how long you want to go for. He may well be able to pick you up from other beaches on the island but here it’s easy to get on for sure in Dickenson Bay if you are alone it costs 180 if he can match you and there are enough other solo travellers. Once again we will help you to get matched if you send us your dates you would like to fish on in the following form.

Dickenson Bay Fishing Charter

New areas I tried to fish

I did try 10 minutes in the pond in front of the Antigua Royal Grand Resort at the end where you find the tiny bridge that crosses over to Deep Bay. I used the Halco Rooster in Red and White I really like the lure it casts well and I just have confidence with it despite not having a fish yet. It did provoke a swirl or miss a couple of times this trip. And sad to say that was all the action I had. You see mostly again for my sins I was again staying at the Jolly Beach Resort. Better that than the Grand mind you it looks like it belongs more in the eastern block than Antigua. If the owners could paint it camouflage green I would be most grateful as it is a blot on the otherwise beautiful landscape – or knock it down according to those who write reviews on it. There is going to be a new coconut beach club development next door which promises to put the spotlight on this part of Antigua. I did also fish here at Deep Bay in the right hand side corner with a few lures and again nothing. Worked on slower faster more movement with my retrieves. I just don’t think the fish are close by. There are a few rocks or reef to the right but it doesnt seem to hold fish. At the end of the beach / fish session where I found a scuba mask in the water I tried the pond as stated and also the open sea which is much rougher for 5 minutes. Again nothing.

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