Sargassum Seaweed is not All Bad News!

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This young man came up with a potential solution to the negative effects of the Sargassum Seaweed found all over the caribbean. When it is on the beaches it causes an unwanted discomfort for luxury travellers in luxury resorts. However this is not the only negative. Hydrogen Sulfide gets emitted into the air when this decomposes and Johanan says that the weeds cause the electronics nearby to fail and increase in rust. The seaweed however also has much more that it can deliver to the agricultural industry and this is what Johanan Dujon from St Lucia has invented in this article.
Johanan created his company and a new product

“to rid the beaches of the seaweed and successfully convert it into Algas Total Plant Tonic, a bio-stimulant that improves plant nutrient uptake efficiency through vigorous root development.”

Read about Algas Organics here.

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