St James Club Fishing – Antigua

Based on research and some fantastic members (heroes of world sea fishing) I am posting a link to this excellent reference to fishing at the St james Club Antigua.

Here is that post ->>Antigua Fishing<< go ahead and read through that it is pretty thorough. WSF should be mighty grateful for helping them build that. I know I am very grateful to the guys who contributed to my fishing trials so far in Antigua.

St James Club Resort Map

I wanted to share a map to help that post along and for my readers here. Confusingly they have a cocobay which I think they named themselves it’s Atlantic side Vs the actual cocobay the south west side.

Here is the google maps detail and note Indian Creek where it’s been said is a starting point for Tarpon. I am heading there next time on the isla to report…watch this space by subscribing to the blog.

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